Getting a handset in Japan?

Visit a SoftBank shop! We will be happy to help you.
For new contracts (switchover), upgrades, and various applications, please make sure the following information.

Find a shop where you can speak English

We have shops with full-time English speaking staff.

What you need to prepare

Information on required items when purchasing a handset or changing subscription content, and more.

See our multilingual catalogs

We have(digital)catalogs available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and Portuguese.

Need help?

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.We provide support in English.



US Military in Japan

SoftBank, Cell Phone provider, having exclusive benefits for US military customers in Japan.

Service for Traveler

At SoftBank, we provide services available for customers visiting Japan!

English-speaking staff are available at these locations

SoftBank Ginza

SoftBank Omotesando

SoftBank Roppongi

My SoftBank

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